About the Puerto Rico Baseball Academy


Astros top draft pick Carlos Correa is listed as a product of the Puerto Rico Baseball Academy & High School. What exactly is the PRBAHS? Founded in 2002, this non-profit organization is a full-fledged High School with traditional courses including American History, Puerto Rican History, Spanish, and English. Accomplished students can also work their way through advanced classes such as Physics and Calculus. One thing that makes the Academy unique is the inclusion of a thorough baseball program that prepares players for college scholarships and the MLB draft.

The baseball curriculum at the PRBAHS stresses the fundamentals of the game, focusing on both the physical and mental aspects of the sport. The Academy teaches proper throwing mechanics and the art of pitching as well as the history of baseball. In addition to a solid education, students are also schooled in character with an emphasis on community involvement. Players routinely visit children’s hospitals and work with other youth-serving organizations.

The Academy is the brainchild of former big league pitcher Edwin Correa (no relation). Correa came up with the idea way back in 1999 while coaching in the Dominican Republic. A native of Puerto Rico, Correa noticed the number of Puerto Ricans heading to the majors was steadily dwindling. Thanks to the efforts of Correa and others the Academy has sent several players to the MLB draft over the last few years. Carlos Correa is the first to be selected number one overall.