Interleague Scoreboard: A.L. 9 N.L. 5


The first day of interleague play for 2012 is in the books and early indications suggest that the American League still reigns superior. I know it’s only one day’s worth of games and these sort of things have a tendency to even out but history suggests that the A.L. is better. With the Astros moving to the A.L. next season, this is something Houston fans will want to keep an eye on.

American League teams came out on top in nine of the fourteen interleague matchups yesterday, including the Rangers 4-1 win over the Astros. It should also be noted, however, that the lone National League contest featured a pair of first place teams. With the Dodgers and Cardinals going head-to-head, the N.L. didn’t provide much competition yesterday.

Three N.L. teams were shutout, including the Pirates who were nearly no-hit by Justin Verlander. The Astros and Nationals each managed to score only once. The Nats lost at home to Baltimore in extra innings.

Minnesota put a season-high eleven runs on the board against the Brewers and Toronto destroyed the Mets 14-5. American Leauge teams outscored their N.L. opponents by an overall count of 74 to 42 and hit 19 homers while National Leaguers hit only seven.

Today is another day and the N.L. squads will try to bounce back – but don’t count on that happening.

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