Astros getting no respect from Player of the Week voters


I don’t know who gets to determine the winners of the Player of the Week Awards for MLB, but whoever it is should be charged with an error for this week’s decision. I wasn’t surprised to learn yesterday that Atlanta’s Freddie Freeman was the recipient of N.L. honors for the week that ended Sunday. I’m used to the Astros being overlooked by those who hand out awards and accolades. But this week’s glaring oversight has to be

laughed about

pointed out.

Okay, Freeman had a nice week. Freddie went 11 for 31 (.367) with 3 homers and 10 RBI in seven games played. Freeman also struck out six times. Coincidentally, Chris Johnson also had three homers and 10 RBIs. But CJ did it in only five games. Johnson was 7 for 18 (.389) and the Astros actually won the games that he homered in. I’m not saying Johnson should have won the award, just pointing out the fact that he did more than Freeman in fewer opportunities. There’s another Astros player that had a much better week, and I think you know who I’m talking about. Anyway, Freeman homered in a 9-3 loss to Pittsburgh and his other two round-trippers came in Colorado. Carlos Gonzalez hit three homers in Colorado during the week and batted .391 overall. Maybe he should have won the award, you know, since homers at altitude are so awesome.

Those three guys all had a decent week, but none of them can match the numbers posted by Astros shortstop Jed Lowrie. With ten hits in 21 at-bats Lowrie hit .476, leading the Astros to five wins in six games. Lowrie clubbed two sea-level homers and drove in six runs. He also drew four walks- and that’s four more than Freeman had. The Astros played only six games, as opposed to the Braves who played seven, and Lowrie hit safely in all six.

Clearly Lowrie and the Astros were hosed here. In what promises to be a difficult season for Houston fans, it sure would be nice to see Astros players get some positive attention when they earn it. It could be a long time before an Astros player has a week like the one Jed Lowrie just experienced. Is it too late for a re-count?