Astros – Marlins preview Part 2


The Astros get their first look at the new Marlins Stadium in Miami tonight. Skipper Brad Mills hopes his squad will fare better there than they have in recent seasons in the old Joe Robbie Land Shark Dolphins Pro Player Stadium. Houston has lost 14 of their last sixteen in South Florida, including a four game sweep last season.

Marlins manager Ozzie Guillen will be serving the final three games of his five game suspension and bench coach Joey Cora will be at the helm. Guillen was suspended for his recent comments in an interview with Time Magazine. Guillen, who is never at a loss for words, was quoted as saying “I love Fidel Castro” and went on to say he respected the Cuban dictator for his longevity. That didn’t go over so well in Miami. A large number of the city’s residents fled the tyranny of Castro’s Cuba, risking life and limb for the dream of freedom. Many still have relatives and loved ones living in fear under the oppressive rule of Castro’s brother Raul.

Maybe this time Guillen will learn to keep his mouth shut. What am I saying? That will never happen. Anyway, on to the baseball. Yesterday Marlin Maniac senior editor Ehsan Kassim answered a few of my questions about the Marlins. In the second half of the Q & A, I answered Ehsan’s questions about the Astros. Click the page below for my answers and Ehsan’s very informative article.