Jed Lowrie contract includes incentives


Yesterday the Astros signed new shortstop Jed Lowrie to a one-year deal worth $1.15 million. The contract also includes “performance and awards bonuses.” Details of the incentives have not been made public. The “awards bonuses” part of the contract sounds like a safe bet for the team, since Lowrie is a longshot to take home any shiny hardware this season. The Astros are hoping that Lowrie can shake the injury bug that has plagued him in the past and stay healthy in 2012. Perhaps the contract includes incentives for plate appearances or games played.

The Astros are counting on Lowrie to be the every day shortstop. The team has very little depth behind Lowrie at the position. Rule 5 draftee Marwin Gonzalez is likely to be the backup and Angel Sanchez is third in line. Lowrie says

"I feel like I’m in great shape."

Lowrie is happy to be an Astro and is very optimistic.

"I expect that we will win every game we play."

I’m starting to wonder if he’s ever seen the Astros play. Lowrie went on to explain his seemingly insane quote.

"I know that’s not realistic, even with the Boston Red Sox. I’m going to go out there and expect to win every day, and that’s the mentality I have and I know that’s the mentality Brad Mills has. You have to have those lofty expectations and work from there."

Mills was the bench coach in Boston during Lowrie’s first two seasons in the big leagues.