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In the wake of MLB owners approval of Jim Crane as the Astros new owner several related stories are developing. Some Astros fans have pledged to jump ship, but we at Climbing Tal’s Hill are in it for the long haul. Rain or shine. win or lose, A.L. or N.L. we will continue to provide year-round coverage of the ‘Stros.

Nolan Ryan is happy to have another team from the Central Time Zone joining the Rangers in the A.L. West. But how happy will he be if Jim Crane starts plucking executives from the front office of the Rangers? John Parent at Nolan Writin’ says Crane may be looking to do just that.

Austin Swafford at Astros 290 questions the conduct that Commissioner Selig and the owners employed in accomplishing their goal of two 15-team leagues. Did they really act in the best interest of baseball? Does the desired result outweigh their irresponsible approach?

Foamer Night reminds us that change isn’t always bad. In fact, change can sometimes be a good thing.

The latest updates on MLB’s collective bargaining agreement can be found at MLB trade rumors.

Steve Campbell posted a pair of interesting articles. Could Astros ticket prices actually go down? And is the Astros shift to the American League a violation of their Minute Maid Park lease agreement? One local attorney seems to think so. I don’t think this will turn into an issue. The Astros staying in Houston is in everyone’s best interest.