Carlos Lee: Starting 1B? Angel Sanchez: Great #2 Hitter??


Word broke yesterday that Brad Mills said in an interview, that Carlos Lee will be our starting 1B when the season opens. This comes as no surprise as we all thought that he would be playing there, especially after the arrival of J.D. Martinez. What’s surprising to me, is that they are already penciling him in at 1B when we are months away from spring training. What this tells me is that even if Brett Wallace has a strong spring training, he will not be our starting 1B and will likely be relegated to AAA. It also diminishes Wallace’s trade value.

During the same interview, Mills also said that Angel Sanchez was a great #2 hitter. Yes, you heard that right. A guy with a career OBP of .304 and a career batting average of .255 is a great #2 hitter in the eyes of our manager.  Now granted, Mills has not been given the best players to work with but some of his decisions and statements are real  head scratchers, to say the least.  More to come from our local nine soon.