Playoff Blues


This makes the sixth straight year the Astros have failed to qualify for the post-season. By the looks of things they may not be back in the playoffs anytime soon, no matter what league they play in. Such a long dry spell can have different effects on fans, depending upon their level of fandom. Some may shun the playoffs entirely and turn their attention toward football or hockey. Others may try and find a team to root for, or maybe a team to root against.

For the past couple of seasons I have fallen into the category of the benevolent. But this year I am paying a little more attention and trying to find a rooting interest. The Red Sox choked, which is great, but the Yankees are still alive. Surely you can join me in rooting against the New Yorkers. If Detroit can’t get the job done, then it will be up to our neighbors to the north, the Rangers. Although some of my friends refuse to back any team from the Dallas area, I have no problem rooting for the Rangers. (the Cowboys are another story) I get a lot of Rangers games on television here in San Antonio and have been following the team pretty closely this year. Texas has a well-rounded team and could be headed to their second consecutive World Series. Until the Astros are moved to the A.L. I see no reason to root against the Rangers.

Then there’s the Cardinals. St. Louis has to be considered the Astros biggest rival. When Houston was in contention a few years ago the Cardinals were always the team to beat. I also find Tony LaRussa, Albert Pujols, and more recently Lance Berkman to be unlikeable characters. “The Big Puma” was more of a “Fat Elvis” his last two seasons in Houston. He was atrocious. Now he comes back in a Cardinals uniform and launches balls out of Minute Maid Park like it was a Little League park. Thanks for deciding to get in shape after leaving the Astros, Lance. What a tool!

All the Cardinal Karma makes it easy for me to pull for the Phillies. Some have referred to the Astros as a Phillies farm team anyway. Brad Lidge, Roy Oswalt, Hunter Pence… need I go on. Our old pal Oswalt is having some trouble against the Cards tonight. Berkman doubled in a run and St. Louis is currently leading 5-2 after six innings. Even if Oswalt can’t get it done tonight, Roy Halladay should be able to take care of business in game five.

So join me in rooting for the Rangers and Phillies, or let me know why I shouldn’t.