Astros in a losing skid; Wandy hopefully can change that


Wandy Rodriguez has been activated from the disabled list and has been given what seems the impossible task of getting the Astros a win. He will take the mound for the Astros in the series finale with the Braves. The Astros are currently riding a four game losing streak and have lost eight of their last nine games. This is extra painful considering they had a four game winning streak before this skid.

The Astros have had zero consistency from week to week and it seems they are a different team each day. Over this losing stretch they have given up six or more runs in six of the nine games and haven’t scored more than four runs in any of those games. Now I have never been a great mathmatecian but I do know when you are averaging only 2.6 runs and giving up on average six runs a game, you are not going to win many games.

This is where hopefully Wandy can help the Astros. To say the defense for the Astros has been bad is an understatement and Wandy is the closest thing to a shutdown pitcher the team has. Before Wandy went on the DL, he had given up three or fewer runs in his last five starts and pitching 7 or more innings in four of his five starts. The deeper Wandy can go into the games, the less chance the bullpen has of blowing the lead and this alone will increase the Astros chances to win.