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Jarred Cosart uses gay slur on Twitter

Astros pitcher Jarred Cosart is at it again. The 23-year old with a history of posting offensive and misguided tweets took it to a new extreme earlier today when he used a gay slur on the popular social media site.

Not long ago Cosart went all “Matt Dillon’s character in There’s Something About Mary” on one of our own writers. We thought it was peculiar that Jarred would single us out for posting an article that suggested a regression from last season could be in the cards for him. After all, several other writers (some of whom we even linked to in the article as sources) had already made similar projections.

Even though several fans were quick to come to Cosart’s defense (after he deleted the offensive tweet and replaced with something more acceptable) we actually got a lot of support and publicity as well.

Today’s misstep could have further consequences for the right-hander as the team may take disciplinary action against him.

Like the previous incident, Cosart quickly deleted today’s tweet after realizing that he had made a poor choice of words. Below is copy of a related tweet that calls Cosart out and includes the inappropriate word that he used.



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  • Matt

    This is getting old fast, he can say whatever he fucking wants. Its his twitter account and his freedom to say fag, nigger, or whatever he wants.

    • astrosince1975

      You can say whatever you want. But professional athletes are held to a higher standard. Cosart has now issued an apology — almost certainly at the request of the team.

    • JJ Allen Keller

      And it is our right to call him out as the ignorant bigot he is.

      • crazyredneck

        He called Justin Bieber a fag. Even my gay friends call Justin Bieber a fag.

        • JJ Allen Keller

          Doubt that for numerous reasons (one being that gay people don’t usually flock to a crazy redneck) but even so that doesn’t make it right.

          • crazyredneck

            You’d be surprised.

          • crazyredneck

            With so many words available from which to choose, why “flock”?

          • JJ Allen Keller

            Because it fits the point I was making? I don’t see how that matters at all though.

          • crazyredneck

            The point you were trying to make is this: “gays don’t hang out with rednecks because rednecks hate gays”. You’re simply showing how monumental your own ignorance is.

          • JJ Allen Keller

            Notice that I said usually. I will take that bet any day of the week. Not many rednecks have multiple gay friends. But you are just arguing semantics at this point, a pretty clear sign of a consession.

          • crazyredneck

            It’s not arguing semantics. You said you doubted that gays hang out with rednecks, and then do so by using questionable words…not unlike this baseball player calling Bieber a fag. :D

          • JJ Allen Keller

            Not exactly what I said, as you again are acting like I made a full out, 100% positive claim.

            I also don’t see what you mean by questionable words. Are you insinuating “flock” is a deragatory term or something?

          • crazyredneck

            I’m just showing how stupid it is for the world to sit around waiting to be offended. I asked one of my friends this evening if they were offended and he actually did say “Justin Bieber IS a fag”. I guess a 63 year old gay man would know. LOL

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