With Jose Altuve just hitting for the cycle, here's the last 4 Astros to pull it off

Jose Altuve was on one last night as he hit for the cycle. Who are the last Astros before him to pull it off?
Houston Astros v Detroit Tigers
Houston Astros v Detroit Tigers / Gregory Shamus/GettyImages

The Houston Astros got a much needed easy win on Monday when they took down the Boston Red Sox by the score of 13-5. The star of the show was Jose Altuve who went wild and managed to hit for the first Astros cycle in 10 years. For a player of Altuve's stature who has accomplished as much as he has, last night will still stand out when the dust settles as a fantastic career accomplishment.

More surprising is that it had been as long as it had been since an Astros player had hit for the cycle. Cycles are pretty rare, but a lot of really good hitters have worn a Houston uniform over the last decade. Let's take a look at the last 4 Astros players to hit for the cycle.

The last 4 Astros players to hit for the cycle

Brandon Barnes

The most recent cycle for Houston came from an unlikely source in Brandon Barnes. A platoon player for the Astros from 2012-2013, Barnes pulled off a cycle against the Mariners on July 19, 2013 and remains one of the least likely guys to actually hit for the cycle. Baseball is the best.

Luke Scott

Before Barnes' cycle, you have to go back to 2006 when Luke Scott pulled the trick off against the Arizona Diamondbacks on July 28th. Scott's was an unnatural cycle which means that he got all the pieces in reverse order (homer, triple, double, then single) and it was also the game when he hit his first career home run. Have a night, kid.

Craig Biggio

It isn't surprising that Craig Biggio hit for a cycle. In fact, it is more surprising that he only did it once and it was so late in his career. Biggio's cycle came on April 8, 2002 against the Rockies. Fun fact: Biggio's son, Cavan, also hit for the cycle 17 years later for the Blue Jays.

Jeff Bagwell

Finally, we come to Jeff Bagwell's cycle which came on July 18th, 2001 against the Cardinals which had to feel extra good. Bagwell's cycle was the third July cycle on this list which is at least mildly interesting. It also required him to get his first triple in 2.5 years to finish it off and he made it look easy on ball to the gap.

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