Who are the only Astros players to hit .300 and slug .500 in a single season?

The Astros have a few guys that are having banner offensive seasons, but a couple could join a very exclusive club.
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Carlos Lee

Next up, we have Carlos Lee who hit .303 and slugged .528 back in 2007. Lee was famously difficult to strike out as he never posted more than 63 strikeouts in a season while he was playing in Houston. Another guy that was better than many gave him credit for, Lee actually missed on a second .300/.500 season because an injury kept him from qualifying for the batting title in 2008.

Carl Everett

Oh, Carl Everett....where to start here. The good news is that Everett did put up a fantastic season in 1999 with a .325/.398/.571 line. The bad news is Everett was a notorious clubhouse cancer in his career and got passed around the league until he ran out of teams willing to deal with his very abrasive personality and his incessant peddling of conspiracy theories such as his belief that dinosaurs never existed.

Marwin Gonzalez

Marwin Gonzalez is the next man up as he hit .303 and slugged .530 back in 2017. Gonzalez appeared to be an analytics-forward organization's dream as not only was he productive at the plate, but he could play all over the field defensively. Unfortunately, his numbers dropped off a bunch after that 2017 season and he bounced around the league for a few years after he left Houston.

Michael Brantley

Finally, we come to Michael Brantley who pulled off a .300/.500 season in 2019. While this season hasn't gone to plan at all as Brantley rehabbed from shoulder surgery, there is no denying how important he has been to the Astros' offense since he joined the club back in 2019. It is a little surprisng that he only pulled this off once, but he just hasn't put up the slugging numbers very much in his career.

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