We Want Houston...Again: Yankees' Michael King Puts Foot In Mouth About the Astros

Championship Series - Houston Astros v New York Yankees - Game Four
Championship Series - Houston Astros v New York Yankees - Game Four / Jamie Squire/GettyImages

Michael King says Astros can't beat New York

They want Houston…again. New York Yankees reliever Michael King has given the Astros even more bulletin board material and fans across Houston more fodder to laugh at, putting his foot in his mouth during his MLB Network Radio on Sirius XM appearance

"There's no chance an Astros team can stop us when we're rolling."

Michael King

If I didn’t see the video, there’s just no way I’d believe this is a real quote. No chance, huh?

Let’s look back at the season series. The Yankees entered the June Astros series 51-18, 7.5 games ahead of the Mets for the best record in baseball and on pace for 119 wins. 119 wins would of course be a single season record. If that’s not rolling, I don’t know what is. 

The Yankees won the first game of the series on a walk-off, dropping the next two.  In game two of the series, the Astros threw a combined no-hitter. New York went on to also win the fourth game of the series on a walk-off, again after trialing the entire game. New York did not lead Houston for a single pitch of the series. 

The Yankees not only didn't beat the Astros when rolling--they got run off their own field.

Now 53-20, New York was still on pace for 117 wins, again, a single season record. They finished with 99…

Houston took another single game from New York in Houston on June 30th, before winning a double header on July 21st. Simply said, the Astros broke the Yankees. The Yankees went 35-35 in the second half of the season. From a historic win pace to a barely .500 baseball team. From rolling to getting rolled. That’s what the Astros did to New York.

The Yankees finished the regular season against the Astros 2-5. They hit .151 on the season against Houston, a franchise record for ineptitude.

Alas, for King to say such a thing, surely the Yankees redeemed themselves in October, right? Right...Bueller...?

King's Yankees got swept. They were beat on their home field to close out the series. AL MVP Aaron Judge hit .063 for the series. The team finished the series with a .502 OPS.

Houston as a team hit .238 with a .755 OPS, and that's with only seven combined hits and zero home runs from Alvarez, Altuve and Tucker. Houston didn't even play their best, and they didn't break a sweat against New York.

Of course, that wasn't the first time the Astros sent New York packing in October. It was the fourth time since 2015...

Michael King said there's no chance Houston beats New York if the Yankees are rolling. Houston didn't just beat a rolling Yankees team--they dog-walked them.

I don't care if the Yankees are rolling or tanking, if the Astros are thriving or playing in blindfolds, if a roof is open or closed, if it's Yankee Stadium or Minute Maid (and maybe even on Mars). The Yankees simply can't beat the Astros. In fact, some might say they stand, ahem, no chance.