Three Astros Players Who Should Have Been Traded At The Trade Deadline

The Astros made two moves at the deadline, bringing Justin Verlander and Kendall Graveman back to Houston. One or two more small moves including these three players could have gone a long way to deepening their title odds.

Houston Astros v Miami Marlins
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The Astros are still serious World Series contenders. They don't feel, in the words of Jeff Passan, quite as inevitable as they have in previous years.

Yes, landing Justin Verlander and Kendall Graveman will help them down the stretch, but another move or two for another reliever or bench bat could have gone a long ways towards helping their repeat efforts.

The Astros still have a few pieces in their organization they could have unloaded at the deadline in an effort to bolster their title chances.

Lets look at three players the Astros should have traded at the trade deadline.

The Astros should have traded Jake Meyers.

Let's be clear, this is no fault of Jake's. He is one of the best defenders in baseball, a roughly league average bat, and has great speed. So why move him?

The second Justin Verlander returned, Meyers became expendable. Before the return of JV, Mauricio Dubón played center field one time all season. As soon as JV came back, so did the "personal center fielder" garbage.

Dubón has a stronger arm than Meyers, yes. But he is not a better defender overall, and is a worse hitter. He's a middle infield utility player that can play the outfield in an emergency. Landing JV isn't an emergency. It's a great thing.

But as a byproduct, it's cut Meyers' playing time in half. Even last night, when Kyle Tucker was scratched and Chas McCormick moved over to right, it was Dubón that entered the lineup in center, not Meyers. And that's with J.P. France on the mound.

It's quite simple: Chas McCormick is your every day center fielder. If he plays a corner to give Yordan or Tuck a day off, Jake plays center. But with a manager that won't give him any consistent playing time and Michael Brantley nearing a return and eating into another outfield spot, Jake should have been moved.

Dana Brown said the Astros didn't want to trade anybody from their big-league club. Not moving Meyers was a miss.

Meyers has value and would have gone a long way towards landing another reliever at worst. Brent Suter of the Rockies sure would help this team.