This Yordan Alvarez Comparison Is Almost Impossible to Believe

Oakland Athletics v Houston Astros
Oakland Athletics v Houston Astros / Carmen Mandato/GettyImages

Yordan Alvarez is a destroyer of baseballs, dreams, and left-handed relievers. This has been well established by now. Through him a fastball, grab it out of the bleachers. Throw him off-speed, and you can get it out of the left-center gap after he clears the bases. Spin a breaking ball and he'll send it into the upper deck. Nibble around the edges, and he'll take his walks and punch shot singles.

He's in a class of two in the running for best hitter on the planet with Aaron Judge. But could it be possible we aren't just watching one of the best hitters in the game, but one of the best hitters in the history of the game?

Actually, yes. Now, Yordan obviously has a nowhere near complete resume. He's played 411 games over his five seasons in the bigs. He played only two games in 2020 after debuting halfway through the 2019 season, but even still, he's racked up some incredible numbers in his early career.

But just how special? How about in the company of Babe Ruth, Mike Trout and Barry Bonds special?

Those stats are absolutely staggering. And that isn't some cherry-picked list of names to compare him too. Let's build on the list. Through five seasons, Alex Rodriguez had 106 home runs and a .906 OPS in 513 games. In Willie Mays' first 458 games, he hit .309 with a .980 OPS and 116 home runs. Alvarez is more than on pace to clip him in home runs by his 458th game. Albert Pujols hit 114 home runs and carried a 1.025 OPS through his first 475 career games. And his modern-day equivalent Aaron Judge hit .272 with a .948 OPS and 119 home runs.

No matter which all-time names you compare him to, Yordan is at worst tracking with them, and in many cases, well ahead of their all-time pace.

He's young, but he's on his way to building a no-doubt, first ballot Hall-of-Fame resume. Health permitting, he's got years ahead of him to stockpile home runs, doubles, walks, hits and big moments.

He is without more than one peer in today's game. And when you look at the scopre of baseball history, it's pretty clear that his peers are the best hitters that have ever lived.

It's quite obvious that Yordan Alvarez is a special talent. Take the time to appreciate just how special he truly is.