Rivalry Review: Ranking the AL West Lineups Heading Into the 2023 Season

Division Series - Houston Astros v Seattle Mariners - Game Three
Division Series - Houston Astros v Seattle Mariners - Game Three / Steph Chambers/GettyImages
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Jonah Heim
New York Yankees v Texas Rangers / Ron Jenkins/GettyImages

4) Texas Rangers

Projected lineup:

1) 2B Marcus Semien
2) SS Corey Seager
3) 1B Nathaniel Lowe
4) RF Adolis Garcia
5) C Jonah Heim
6) 3B Josh Jung
7) DH Brad Miller
8) CF Leody Taveras
9) LF Josh H. Smith

The Rangers may be sneaky in 2023. Seager is the only player in baseball that rivals Kyle Tucker for projected gains with the elimination of the shift. Marcus Semien likely won't hit .157 with a .443 OPS for the first month and a half again. Nathaniel Lowe is coming off of a .300 season and Jonah Heim was a pleasant surprise.

The arrival of Josh Jung for a full season is what the Rangers season will likely hinge on. Jung is the 34th-ranked prospect in the game and has a bright future in Arlington.

Seager is a superstar surrounded by multiple quality bats. They don't have a ton of elite bats, but they also don't have a ton of liabilities. Fourth in the division is the proper placement for Texas, though if the Angels battle injuries as they have in the past, Texas could jump a spot on the list.