Ranking the Top Potential Free Agent Signings for the Astros

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Andrew Benintendi
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2) Andrew Benintendi

My emotional well-being has still never recovered from what Andrew Benintendi did to the Astros in Game 3 of the 2018 ALCS.

The left-handed Left Fielder would be a massive get for Houston. He would slot perfectly into both the Astros' lineup and their outfield.

Benintendi is a high-contact, quality at-bat machine, finishing the year in the 88th percentile in K rate, 86th in xBA, 84th in chase rate, 75th in whiff rate and 74th in walk rate.

If Michael Brantley is not back in an Astros' uniform, Benintendi slides in as a high-contact Left Fielder with occasional pop that brings balance to the lineup from the left side. He hit .304 with a .772 OPS in 2022, nearly identical to the .288/.785 line Uncle Mike registered before his shoulder injury.

Benintendi finished in the 65th percentile in outs above average and recorded two defensive runs saved in Left Field. He does have some versatility, having played Center Field on occasion while in Boston. Benintendi would give the Astros an outfield rotation of Alvarez, Benintendi, McCormick and Tucker. Three of the four are plus defenders and all are at least above-average hitters. That is a level of depth the Astros didn't have this year, as their outfield situation was dire anytime one of those three had not been in the lineup.

A grinder like Benintendi would fit perfectly in the Astros' us vs. everybody locker room mentality. He's gotten it done under the brightest of lights and would ensure the Astros are playing under those again in 2023. Only one potential offseason signing would bring more to Houston in their chase to repeat.