Ranking the available free agent catchers the Astros could sign this offseason

The Astros are going to need a back-up catcher next season, so here is a look at their options on the free agent market.
Oct 19, 2023; Arlington, Texas, USA; Houston Astros pitcher Rafael Montero (47) and catcher Martin
Oct 19, 2023; Arlington, Texas, USA; Houston Astros pitcher Rafael Montero (47) and catcher Martin / Andrew Dieb-USA TODAY Sports
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After a truly brutal season out of Martin Maldonado, it finally looks like the Houston Astros may be willing to turn the page at catcher. Maldy was a huge part of the Astros' success in recent years, but Father Time finally caught up with him and Houston made the commitment to make Yainer Diaz their primary catcher in 2024.

While it is certainly good news that the Astros are finally going with the strictly superior player at catcher and letting Maldonado hit free agency, there is still the matter of who is going to be backing Diaz up next season. Yainer is immensely talented, but he is still very young and having a strong back-up in the event that he falters who can also mentor him in how to manage a pitching staff needs to be a priority this offseason.

Ranking the Astros' free agent options at catcher

It is fortunate that Houston doesn't need a primary catcher next season because this free agent crop of catchers is decidedly lacking in everyday guys. However, there are a number of quality back-up options out there at the moment who could fit the mold for what the Astros should be looking for going into the 2024. Instead of ranking each catcher against each other, this is going to be more of a tier list format as there just isn't enough to differentiate each individual free agent catcher. If you notice a free agent isn't listed, it is probably best to assume that said player probably shouldn't be considered.

Anyways, enough on the rules here. Let's look at this year's free agent catcher class.