Ranking the Astros Hall of Fame Candidates From the Dynasty Era: Part Two

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Carlos Correa
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Carlos Correa

Of all the Astros that have been snakebitten with injuries over the years, arguably none has more than Correa. Just look at his contract saga and the various physicals this offseason for further proof. He's one of the best players in baseball when he is on the field, but he's also missed time in his career due to a fractured rib from a massage.

Through eight years in the bigs, Correa has hit 155 home runs, 186 doubles, posted an .836 OPS, won a gold glove and a platinum glove and has 18 career playoff home runs (likely would have finished with far more had he stayed in Houston). His track record is dominant when in fact he plays.

Unfortunately, he's played in only 68% of possible games in his career. Missing almost one-third of games is a surefire way to put a ding in your counting stats.

If Correa can put his injury woes behind him, it's easy to see him retiring with 400 doubles, 300 home runs and multiple defensive awards with proven playoff success. Unfortunately the 192 games he missed from 2017-2019 have already put a damper on his raw stats.

Especially if Carlos can stay healthy the next four to five years, he will be well on his way. Success outside of Houston will likely help his candidacy as Correa made himself the face of the Astros' scandal with his defense of his teammates. But with multiple great seasons long after the events of 2017, he may very well build himself a solid candidacy. The question is not can he do so, but will he be on the field enough to do so?