Ranking the 15 Worst Signings in Houston Astros History

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Alfonso Soriano, Gregg Zaun
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7) Gregg Zaun-2 years, $2.35 million

Gregg Zaun signed a two-year, $2.35 million deal in Houston. Zaun had proven himself as an offensive backstop, racking up a .727 OPS in his seven big league seasons before Houston.

He never came close to touching those numbers as an Astro. Zaun hit .220 with a .596 OPS as an Astro. These numbers are a far cry from his career OPS of .732. 

His failures are rather perplexing, as he was at least a neutral player every other stop he made during his 16-year career, but he was a -1.4 bWAR player as an Astro.

Had he been tasked with being an everyday player rather than splitting time with Brad Ausmus, it's likely Zaun finishes even higher on the list.