Pass Or Pursue: Deciding Which Astros Trade Deadline Targets Are Worth Going After

The Astros have been linked to many names with the trade deadline approaching. Let's take a look at which names are worth pursuing and which should be left untouched.
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Marcus Stroman
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The Astros should pass on both of the Cubs big rentals.

Marcus Stroman and Cody Bellinger are two of the biggest names on the market. Stroman has pitched like an ace for the Cubs while Bellinger has showed signs of regaining his MVP form. Both will have many suitors at the deadline, assuming the Cubs do sell.

Neither is worth the bidding war it will take the Astros to land them. If the Cubs do sell, many teams will be lined up to get them. Other players on the market will be more worth further depleting a shallow farm system.

Both have been outspoken against the Astros, and while a clubhouse of consummate professionals like the Astros would probably welcome both with open arms, would Stroman and Bellinger embrace them back?

The emergence of Chas McCormick means center field is fully occupied, and right wrong or otherwise, José Abreu isn't going to be moved off of first base. Houston would be better suited to pursue a corner outfielder than Bellinger.

Stroman's last month has been a debacle, allowing a 7.99 ERA. That's more in line with his Statcast page, which features more blue than his Cubs uniform.

Let the deadline pass without landing either of these players.

There is a Cub they should pursue, however.

The Astros should pursue Kyle Hendricks.

Kyle Hendricks is exactly the type of piece the Astros need at the deadline. He's a veteran starter with playoff experience that can eat innings and keep them in games. He's not going to blow anybody away with his 5.9 strikeouts per nine, but would serve a similar role to Zack Greinke in 2021.

He would go a long way towards stabilizing a depleted rotation. He comes with a club option, and at 33, could be the type of shrewd move the Astros need. He's not going to cost much, but would keep innings off of Valdez, Javier and Brown.

If Valdez, Javier and Brown are right in a playoff series, the Astros are going to be almost impossible to beat. Getting Hendricks and his 3.45 ERA will allow Houston to do just that.