New York insider pitches Astros-Yankees trade that'll make Houston fans sick

Is this some kind of joke?
Houston Astros infielder Alex Bregman
Houston Astros infielder Alex Bregman / Thearon W. Henderson/GettyImages

No, the Houston Astros season has not gone according to plan. A horrific beginning to the 2024 season only got worse as nearly every Astros starters, at some time or another, found his way onto the injured list. Houston is currently out of the playoff picture with a sub-.500 record, and it's questionable as to whether or not the Astros will even make a run at the MLB postseason.

But MLB insider Joel Sherman of the New York Post took things much too far with his latest opinion piece. In Sherman's latest work for the New York Post entitled Yankees should root for Astros to keep losing as two stars are perfect trade deadline fits, he suggested a trade between Houston and one of their hated rivals.

New York insider pitches Astros-Yankees trade that'll make Houston fans sick

Sheman wants the Astros to continue losing so that Houston will become a seller at the upcoming MLB trade deadline. Astros GM Dana Brown has downplayed any talk of this year's team selling off assets before July 30, and Houston's recent surge has them in a much better spot in the race for the AL Wild Card.

The illogical trade package, that would make Astros fans vomit, has Alex Bregman and Ryan Pressly joining the Bronx Bombers. Astros fans can hardly stomach watching their favorite team play in Yankee Stadium; can you imagine if both Bregman and Pressly were to be wearing pinstripes later this year?

Sherman's trade scenario is highly unlikely, though not without merit. If the Astros do indeed stumble over the next few weeks and become sellers, Bregman and Pressly would be viable candidates to dealt before the trade deadline. Both players will be free agents this offseason, and neither seems likely to rejoin Houston next season.

From the Yankees' perspective, it would give New York a skilled third baseman with plenty of pop and extensive playoff experience. The Yankees could then shift DJ LeMahieu to first or second base. Pressly would certainly offer the Yanks a solid back-end reliever and potential closer to partner with Clay Holmes.

But though Sherman's idea makes some sense on the surface, it's hard to see any scenario in which the Astros and Yankees become trade partners this summer, or any summer in the foreseeable future. Sorry for the unpleasant thoughts, Astros fans. Hopefully you weren't eating when you read this.

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