Matt Moore Should Be The Astros Newest Target

After the Angels waived multiple big pieces yesterday, the Astros should jump on Matt Moore if given the chance.
Tampa Bay Rays v Los Angeles Angels
Tampa Bay Rays v Los Angeles Angels / Ronald Martinez/GettyImages

The Los Angeles Angels sent shockwaves through the MLB yesterday. Just a month and a half removed from further emptying an already depleted farm system at the deadline, the Angels punted on the season, waiving Lucas Giolito, Reynaldo López, Randal Grichuk, Hunter Renfroe and Matt Moore.

Of the five, the Astros should be all over Moore.

Now, there is a chance Moore isn't there for the taking for Houston. Waiver order is determined by reverse order of record.

The Astros have the 23rd best waiver odds. The Giants, Red Sox, Diamondbacks, Twins, Cubs, Blue Jays and Phillies all are playoff caliber teams with areas of need to be addressed. What the Angels did yesterday could very well swing a playoff seed, or entry period.

One important note: the Rangers and Mariners both trail Houston in waiver odds. The Rangers are desperate for bullpen help. Preventing Moore from a reunion with his 2022 club is of utmost importance.

Between the five Angels waived, Harrison Bader, Carlos Carrasco, Mike Clevinger and José Cisnero, there is plenty of talent floating on the waiver wires.

If Moore somehow makes it to the Astros at 23, they should be all over him.

Moore has thrown 43 innings this year. He's struck out 47 batters and is walking only 2.5 batters per nine. His 2.30 ERA and 198 ERA+ are exceptional.

He's of course left-handed, and we all know Dusty loves his lefties. Parker Mushinski and Matt Gage have been erratic this year, fluctuating between AAA and the big league club. Mushinski has a 4.73 ERA and Gage has had some success in a small sample size, but holds a 5.58 ERA in Sugar Land. Neither of the two generate much confidence to get key outs in a playoff game.

Moore could. And his reverse splits mean he wouldn't be just a lefty specialist. Under the newer rule in which relievers have to face three batters, Moore's ability to get righties out goes a long way. He's holding righties to a .538 OPS this season.

Moore generates a ton of chase, with a chase rate that is in the 94th percentile via Statcast. His ability to miss bats and limit hard contact would go a long way towards deepening an Astros bullpen that could use one more leverage arm to feel comfortable about their chances in October.