Kyle Tucker Addresses Arbitration and Contract Situation With Astros

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Kyle Tucker spoke about his arbitration hearing and future in Houston

Arbitration hearings can be a tumultuous time. Just ask Corbin Burnes. Trust between player and organization can be fractured and some of the wounds may not heal.

Thankfully, no such thing occurred between Kyle Tucker and the Astros. Tucker spoke a great deal of the arbitration hearing, one which he called a "good process." The Astros won the case, meaning Tucker will be paid $5 million in 2023 instead of the $7.5 million he filed for.

"The outcome wasn’t really what we were hoping and I don’t think it was the right one...I wanted to fight for what my value was."

Kyle Tucker

He added that you have to respect the decision and move on to prepare for the season. Though he lost the case, his relationship with the Astros thankfully was not impacted. While the Brewers allegedly blamed Burnes for their failure to make the postseason, Tucker joked that he has heard worse from fans in the outfield than what he heard from Houston in arbitration.

He commented on his disappointment in losing the case, but was clear his relationship with the team was not impacted, and touched on his future in Houston. According to Tucker, an extension did not come up during arbitration talks, though he's not against the though.

"I’m always open to talk. I enjoy playing here, playing for the fans, playing in Houston, being with the guys in this locker room. We’ll see where it goes from here. I don’t want to, like, guarantee anything. But we’ll see how it goes. I’m here regardless this year and the next two, unless something changes. But as of right now I’m trying to focus on the season and get ready and try to run it back."

Kyle Tucker

This confirms what Dana Brown said yesterday, when he said there were no hard feelings between player or organization coming out of the arbitration process.

According to Jon Morosi, Brown has had talks with Tucker's agent, Casey Close, in recent weeks about a long-term extension. He has alluded to some contracts taking more time to work out than others, and maybe Tucker's is one of those. Regardless, there is great hope such an extension is worked out and Tucker has a long career ahead in Houston.