Jomboy Again Attempting to Profit off of the Astros After Amplifying Houston's Scandal

Houston Astros v Atlanta Braves
Houston Astros v Atlanta Braves / Alex Slitz/GettyImages

The old saying controversy creates cash might as well be Jomboy's tagline.

After Yordan Alvarez' went deep Friday night off of Braves' lockdown reliever AJ Minter, twitter was ablaze. The best hitter in the game had done it again, pulverizing a dominant left-handed arm to put the Astros on top late.

One interesting member of the praise party: Jomboy. Jomboy's Talkin' Baseball account tweeted out their new shirt, with Yordan Alvarez as the theme.

Hmmmmm...a chance to profit off of the Astros and here comes their #1 hater. Did they think we had forgotten that the buzzer hysteria that is still running rampant today is due in large part to Jomboy?

Pat McAfee has one of the biggest platforms in sports and believed the Astros were using buzzers until Jeff Passan squashed that theory. Patrick Beverley shared on his podcast he was cheering for the Astros in the World Series and was told they had cheated with buzzers in a clip that exploded.

And why might that be? Well, when news of the Astros cheating scandal broke, Jeff Passan summarized the day. Let's revisit Passan's article, shall we?

"O'Brien's sleuthing success begat Thursday. He amplified the faux niece's faux tweets -- and got a retweet from Cincinnati starter Trevor Bauer saying he'd heard the same. He circulated a picture of Astros outfielder Josh Reddick wearing what looked like tape over a wire. It was actually a piece of gold confetti, from the Astros' 2019 ALCS celebration, that stuck to his skin and covered a skinny chain. Just as bad was the Zapruder-like breakdown of the final 90 feet in Altuve's home run trot after his pennant-clinching home run. Altuve didn't want his shirt torn off. Amateur lip readers thought he said one thing. Other amateur lip readers thought he said another -- in Spanish. If all the Astros were involved, why had Carlos Correa allowed his shirt to be ripped off after walking off Game 2?"

Jeff Passan

Told by who exactly? The Astros stole signs and used live video and trash cans to do so. This has been well established. But years down the road we are still seeing players, specifically Jose Altuve, taunted over buzzers.

Two of the players Jomboy chose to highlight--Altuve and Josh Reddick, were two of the only three players that did NOT use the trashcan system in 2017.

The "reporting" on buzzers snowballed and here we are. The MLB confirmed the Astros didn't use buzzers. Jeff Passan confirmed it. Evan Gattis went on a rant and aired out almost any and all details regarding the Astros cheating, and even he said Altuve would want no part of the buzzers even if they had existed.

The Astros deserved some backlash for cheating, sure. But much of the vitriol that has been thrown their way has been due to a falsified claim around buzzers.

Talkin' baseball? More like talkin' conspiracies.