How Does MLB All-Star Voting Work? Schedule, Rules & How to Vote for the Astros

All-Star voting is open, so here is everything you need to vote for your favorite Astros all month long.
Milwaukee Brewers v Houston Astros
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MLB All-Star Game voting season is officially upon us and the Houston Astros have several players that have made a strong case for inclusion despite the team's rough start. Kyle Tucker might be the closest the Astros have to a lock assuming he is healthy after hitting his shin with a foul ball, but Jeremy Peña, Josh Hader, Yordan Alvarez, and Jose Altuve all have cases to be made as well and all of them carry a lot of name recognition.

However, being statistically "good enough" for the All-Star Game is not sufficient, as Astros fans will need to show up and actually vote for their position players to get in, so here is everything you need to know about voting for the 2024 MLB All-Star Game.

2024 MLB All-Star Voting Schedule

Voting Window

When Voting Results Revealed

Voting Phase One

June 5-June 27

June 27, 6 PM EST

Voting Phase Two

June 30-July 3

July 3, 7 PM EST

Voting for the 2024 MLB All-Star Game will happen in two phases, as it has since 2019. The first phase has a slew of qualified (by playing time) candidates at each position that everyone can vote for. That phase began on June 5 and will continue to run through June 27, when the top two vote-getters at each position (other than the outfield which gets six finalists regardless of where they actually play in the outfield) get announced. The first members of the All-Star Game rosters get chosen here as the players that get the most votes period in each league will automatically make the All-Star team as starters.

After that comes Phase Two, which runs from June 20-July 3 and consists only of the finalists. The results of this vote will determine the All-Star Game starters amongst the position players. Pitchers and All-Star reserves are picked via an arcane combination of a player votes as well as picks from the league to make sure that every team has at least one All-Star representative. Hardly a perfect system, but it is the one we are stuck with.

2024 MLB All-Star Voting Rules

As for the rules regarding voting, there isn't much to them. Your ballot is directly connected to your chosen email address and every email address can vote five times per day during Phase One and just one time per day in Phase Two. If you have any notions about stuffing the ballot box with votes for Altuve, Tucker, etc., multiple email addresses and lots of voting during Phase One are probably going to be your best bet.

If MLB detects that there is any automated chicanery going on, like botting or scripts that vote for someone, those votes will get thrown out. There is a slight chance that a player voted into the All-Star is traded to a different league during voting but before the game (they keep their vote total for what it is worth), but that is exceedingly rare and probably won't pop up this year.

How to Vote for the 2024 MLB All-Star Game

Unlike years ago where paper ballots were distributed to the masses and it was a pain to vote for the ASG, voting has been made very easy these days. All you have to do is go to the online ASG ballot, make your picks at each position (they have handy-dandy stats below each player to help with your choices), make sure you include your email address for tracking purposes and to actually submit your vote, and you are all set. You can do that five times a day during Phase One and once a day during Phase Two.

After that, it is all about getting Astros fans to turn out and actually vote. You can fully expect a social media blitz promoting Houston candidates (especially key players) and there should be regular updates on how the voting is going throughout Phase One. Let's make sure the AL All-Star squad is loaded with Astros once again in 2024.

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