Four Astros The Fans Have Already Lost Patience With

Oakland Athletics v Houston Astros
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Dusty Baker Jr.
Oakland Athletics v Houston Astros / Bob Levey/GettyImages

#3: Dusty Baker

And who do the Astros direct their rage aimed at Abreu and Montero towards? Dusty Baker. Baker continues to bat Abreu fourth or fifth. Of Montero's 21 appearances, 13 have been in the eighth inning.

Yes, neither player has lived up to their contracts, but Baker continues to deploy them as if they're earning every penny. Montero needs to rebuild his confidence getting outs in low leverage spots and Abreu needs to sit for a while and then bat way down in the order when he returns.

Martín Maldonado has run circles around Abreu at the plate this season. The Astros are struggling to score. They cannot continue to strand runners letting one of the worst hitters in the game make plate appearances with the game on the line.

Only one man has control over who bats where and who gets the call from the bullpen when. Astros fans are getting more and more frustrated with the decisions Baker has been making. His lack of transparency regarding injuries also sends fan over the edge. Which brings us to...