Four Astros The Fans Have Already Lost Patience With

Oakland Athletics v Houston Astros
Oakland Athletics v Houston Astros / Bob Levey/GettyImages
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The Astros are not the Astros that we are accustomed to seeing. Sure, their 28-21 record through 49 games isn't that far off pace from what they have been the last few seasons, but the total lack of offense has been stunning. A few blowup outings in the bullpe also have fans losing their patience.

When you're used to winning and winning big, it can be frustrating when the opponents are no longer getting steamrolled. Takes are flying like crazy on Twitter as fans try to sort out who this team actually is.

These are the four Astros fans have already lost their patience with.

#1: José Abreu

José Abreu was supposed to solidify the Astros lineup. The doubles machine was going to be a massive upgrade over Yuli Gurriel and ensure the Astros lights out bullpen and depth of starters would now be paired with the best lineup in baseball on paper.

Well, that's why don't play the games on paper. Abreu has been by some metrics the worst player in the MLB. We made the call just yesterday for an extended spell on the bench for Abreu to try and light a fire under the aging veteran.

Astros fans are sick of Jeff Bagwell talking about the back of Abreu's baseball card. The team gave him $19 million a year to hit. Instead he's repeatedly rolled over to shortstop and killed any chance the Astros have of rallying in an inning. Fans are fed up with this one.