Even Astros fans can't get behind team's attempt to troll Yankees after series loss

If you are going to troll, you really need to back it up more than the Astros did.
Seattle Mariners v Houston Astros
Seattle Mariners v Houston Astros / Jack Gorman/GettyImages

All sports fans, including fans of the Houston Astros, love a good troll job when it comes from the team. If well-executed and well-timed, these sorts of things farm engagement and get fans hyped up. However, the Astros found out that in order to troll another team, you kind of have to be able to back it up.

Houston was able to avoid a sweep on Thursday with their 4-3 win over the Yankees and there were plenty of positives from the game. Ronel Blanco pitched pretty well and both Yordan Alvarez and Jon Singleton hit tape measure home runs. For an Astros team in need of bright spots this season, Thursday's game was one of them.

However, the Astros social media team decided to go one step further and tried to have some fun by captioning the win with "Start spreadin' the news" on social media as a clear reference to the famous Frank Sinatra song that the Yankees play after their wins.

Unfortunately, the tweet did not land the way the team hoped.

Astros attempt to troll Yankees was very obviously misplaced

First, we applaud the effort here. The Yankees do have this air about them where they think that all of their traditions are special and that their legends are above any other teams' with little regard for accuracy or truth.

However, there was a clear trend in the replies to this tweet -- other than angry Yankees fans which was going to be a given -- that highlighted the social media team's fundamental mistake.

These fans do have a point here. A win against the Yankees is always great, but when you are literally 1-6 against a team in a season and just improved to 13-24, taking this big of a victory lap is a bold choice. Yankees fans were sure to remind the Astros of this fact, but when your own fans are like "whoa, pump the brakes" is a sign that you may be getting ahead of yourself.

Hopefully this win against the Yankees turns into more as the Astros are in a dire position at the moment. Now if they can string together a bunch of wins and get into the playoff conversation, maybe some high-level trolling could be in order.

Save your bullets, Astros Twitter.

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