Eight Astros Named to ESPN's MLB Rank 2023 Top 100

World Series - Philadelphia Phillies v Houston Astros - Game Six
World Series - Philadelphia Phillies v Houston Astros - Game Six / Carmen Mandato/GettyImages

The reigning world champion Houston Astros made their presence felt on the ESPN MLB Rank 2023 top 100 list, placing eight players on the list. Multiple of the placements felt direspectfully low, but eight players on the list is still a good amount for the champs.

Yordan Alvarez was the highest rated Astro, placing 15th on the list. They acknowledged he has a chance at winning his first MVP this season, especially if he continues playing left field.

Kyle Tucker and Alex Bregman appeared back-to-back on the list. Tucker was 38th and Bregman 39th. Framber Valdez wasn't too far behind, ranking 42nd. From there, a few surprises took place.

ALCS and World Series MVP Jeremy Peña was ranked 52nd, which actually may be a little too high. Especially in light of where his middle infield counterpart, Jose Altuve, ranked. Jose Altuve ranked 67th on the list, SIXTY spots behind Seattle Mariners outfielder Julio Rodriguez.

Yes, J-Rod may be the future, but he has played one season, and one season in which Altuve was better in basically every offensive statistic beyond stolen bases and RBI (more of a team statistic anyways). Injured or not, there are not 66 players in the game of baseball better than Jose Altuve. When will the disrespect thrown his way end?

Cristian Javier was next on the list, ranked 70th. These were the last two sentences written about Javier:

"He could be a Cy Young candidate if those numbers continue over the course of 32 starts. If healthy, Javier will lead the league in K's with over 250."

Jesse Rogers

What? A Cy Young candidate that leads the league in strikeouts is the 70th best player in the game? He made two playoff starts and gave up one hit in the two games combined. He's completely unhittable. What a comically low ranking. Especially when accounting for Bobby Witt Jr. sure, a top prospect for the future, but a remarkably average player in his first year in the bigs, ranked one spot ahead.

Witt's OPS was barely above average, he accounted for 0.9 bWAR and was worth a spooky bad -18 defensive runs saved at shortstop and -4 DRS at third base. Yeah, that's a better ball player than Cristian Javier.

Newly signed first baseman José Abreu ranked 89th, which feels about right. He may not be in his prime anymore, but he's still a top 100-player in the game and should drive in plenty of runs batting in the middle of this lineup.

All in all, it's hard to be upset about Houston getting eight players on the list. But how is Yordan Alvarez not a top-10 player while Julio Rodriguez is? In what world is Bobby Witt right now better than Cristian Javier?

Both Phillies starters Aaron Nola and Zack Wheeler ranked above Valdez and Javier? Are we forgetting which duo went 3-0 and was completely unhittable in the World Series?

Maybe after a third ring this season, Houston will finally be judged fairly.