Derek Jeter Has High Praise For the Astros

The Yankee legend was very complimentary of the Astros before tonight's home run derby. His quote is sure to gain plenty of traction amongst fans of the Astros and Yankees alike.
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No love has been lost between the Astros and Yankees over the last six years. Throughout the Astros golden era and reign of terror on the AL, the Yankees have been their most frequently thwarted opponent. The fanbases go back and forth, and it's safe to say, they aren't all that fond of each other.

So imagine the response when one of the most iconic Yankees in franchise history heaps praise upon the Astros.

When asked which team is currently best built for October, this is how Jeter responded:

"People are going to talk about pitching. They're going to talk about hitting. They're going to talk about defense. I still think the Houston Astros are the best team built for the postseason in the American League."

Derek Jeter

Jeter went on to talk about how experienced the Astros are in October, and how they tend to be so relaxed when the lights are at their brightest. Jeter also gave praise to Dusty Baker for the culture he creates lending itself to such a relaxed atmosphere in the most pressure-packed of moments.

Needless to say, a Yankee icon praising the hated Astros probably won't sit too well in New York. While he may not have been critical of the Yankees or even complimented the Astros first-half performance, anytime a member affiliated with either franchise provides a soundbite about the other, the fanbases take note.

Jeter, of course, is not the first iconic Yankee to do such a thing. Mr. November, as he was after his walk-off in Game 4 of the 2001 World Series, is just following in the footsteps of his fellow Yankee named after a month, Reggie Jackson.

Jackson, often referred to as Mr. October, works for the Astros in an advisory role to Jim Crane. Jackson joined the Astros after 30 years in New York, saying he felt like a "hood ornament" in with the Yankees.

Though both the Astros and Yankees are off to slower starts that aren't indicative of another ALCS showdown this year, if they do meet again in October, one can assume Jeter's positive quotes about Houston will make their way back into the airwaves yet again.