Derek Jeter Has High Praise For the Astros

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Derek Jeter praises the Astros at Reggie Jackson's golf tournament

Reggie Jackson hosted his Mr. October Foundation Celebrity Golf Classic yesterday, drawing out big names in droves. From rappers like Bun B and 50 Cent to NFL legends like Terrell Owens and Jerome Bettis, big names galore were at the Floridian yesterday.

A multitude of MLB Hall of Famers were in attendance as well. Ken Griffey Jr., Jeff Bagwell, Jackson himself and more were in attendance, including none other than "The Captain," Derek Jeter. Cover your ears Yankees fans, because one of the most iconic players ever to don the pinstripes has high praise for your bitter rivals in Houston.

Jeter was asked if Houston had what it took to become the first repeat champions since 2000.

"Obviously I saw them in the playoffs. They have a great, young team. It just seems like regardless of what happens they just seem to replenish every year, which is important for you to have sustainable success. They have a great system. It starts at the top, and Jim Crane has done a great job."

Derek Jeter

The Yankees just can't seem to get one over on the Astros.

New York has faced the Astros four times in the postseason, once in the Wild Card round and three times in the ALCS, with Houston advancing all four times. Now off the field, they have multiple franchise legends either praising, or in the case of Reggie Jackson, directly involved with Houston.

Jackson is now an executive assistant for the Astros, who has no qualms telling Yankee fans that his favorite player is Jose Altuve.

Now the 2020 Hall of Famer and quite possibly most recognizable player in franchise history is on the record about the Astros continued success and how great their system is from the top down? What a bitter pill to swallow.

Jeter is a consummate winner. And game respects game. It should come as no surprise he respects the biggest winners in the game today.

Start spreadin' the news New York--Derek Jeter respects the Astros. Maybe you should too.