Dana Brown Provides Update on Extension Talks With Kyle Tucker and Cristian Javier

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Astros engaged in extension talks with Kyle Tucker and Cristian Javier

Since Dana Brown joined Houston's front office as general manager, the talk of the town has been the contract status of Kyle Tucker, Cristian Javier and Framber Valdez. Brown came from the Atlanta Braves who have zigged while the rest of the MLB zags, locking up their young talent on early contract extensions rather than playing free agent roulette with top talent.

The Astros have historically let much of their homegrown/developed in Houston talent walk in free agency, avoiding long-term extensions. Brown is hopefully bringing a changing of the tide.

In an exclusive Q&A with Brian McTaggart, Brown touched on a multitude of topics, in particular, contract extensions. Mctaggart asked where things stood with contract extensions for King Tuck, Javier and Framber, and if conversations had started. Brown had this to say:

"We've started. Tucker, we've been in conversation. Some of the stuff was started prior to me coming. We had some talks with Tucker, of course, because it's coming up on the arbitration hearing, and Javier, he's also coming up on the arb hearing. … We've been in contact with some of the agents to get some thought process."

Dana Brown

This is such a refreshing quote for Astros fans to hear. While it's impossible for us to know the inner workings of the front office, for the most part, it has felt like Houston has never been a major player when it comes to securing young talent for the long haul. Aside from early extensions for Altuve, Alvarez, Bregman and McCullers Jr., it has felt all but inevitable that names like Springer, Correa, and Cole would play out their initial contract before hitting free agency.

That the Astros were engaged in conversations even before Brown's arrival is promising. That they are currently engaged with agents to get thought process is even more encouraging. Both Tucker and Javier are three years from free agency. Tucker just turned 26 and Javier will turn 26 this season. They are young and likely have their best baseball ahead of them.

Houston extending them past arbitration and into what would have been three-to-five free agent years would be a monstrous win. As Bregman and Altuve begin to age, these two, coupled with Yordan, are the future faces of Astros baseball and would keep the Astros window of title contention open for the long haul.

This says nothing of potential extensions for young pieces of the current and future core like Hunter Brown and Jeremy Peña.

As each day passes, the hiring of Dana Brown becomes even more of a home run. The future of Astros baseball remains just as bright as the present.