Carlos Correa Lands Massive Deal in San Francisco

Minnesota Twins v Houston Astros
Minnesota Twins v Houston Astros / Carmen Mandato/GettyImages

Houston Astros' legend Carlos Correa signs with the Giants

"I wanna make sure you're ready, brother. Here it is: Show me the money. Oh-ho-ho! SHOW! ME! THE! MONEY! A-ha-ha! Jerry, doesn't it make you feel good just to say that! Say it with me one time, Jerry."

Rod Tidwell

Cuba Gooding Jr. won an Oscar for his role as Rod Tidwell in the 1996 classic, Jerry Maguire. His famous "show me the money" line is directed at his agent, Jerry Maguire (played by Tom Cruise). Can't you just picture a similar exchange playing out over the last year between Houston Astros' icon Carlos Correa and agent, Scott Boras?

From the moment Carlos Correa turned down the Astros' low-ball extension offer, he has told the game and all 29 teams to, ahem, show him the money. The lockout limited negotiations between Correa and other teams, which may actually have played into his favor.

He was able to sign a three-year deal with the Twins, with opt-outs after each year. If he performed, he would opt-out. In the worst case scenario, he had three years at a $35.1 million AAV.

According to Jeff Passan, the San Francisco Giants have done just that, signing Correa to a massive 13-year, $350 million contract.

Correa immediately becomes the face of the franchise, a role in which he will thrive. Correa's propensity for meeting the moment should be on full display, as he is now a division rival of the Los Angeles Dodgers. With the bad blood between Correa and LA, that rivalry just became even more interesting.

The $350 doled out to Correa trumps the 11 years/$300 million given to Trea Turner and the 11 years/$280 million given to Xander Bogaerts. Of the free agent shortstops in the class, only Swanson remains.

Correa becomes one of 10 players in the game with a contract of longer than 11 years, joining Fernando Tatis Jr., Bryce Harper, Giancarlo Stanton, Julio Rodriguez, Mookie Betts, Mike Trout, Bogaerts, Turner and Wander Franco.

Correa's patience and persistence paid off. San Francisco showed him the money. Now can they show him they still have what it takes to compete for a title?