Astros top prospect breaks batter's ankles with wild strikeout in hilarious video

Sometimes, you strike out a guy. Other times, you completely turn them into a meme.
Miami v Clemson
Miami v Clemson / Eakin Howard/GettyImages

Whenever a baseball fan sees a hitter looking completely foolish or does something really weird, odds are that it happened in the minor leagues. Sure, there are lots of sweet Pitching Ninja highlights out there with hilarious swords and/or hitters being bamboozled, but the real gems are with the young guys who still haven't quite learned how not to embarrass themselves in front of cameras yet.

Houston Astros prospect Alejandro Torres was the latest MiLB pitcher to add such a swing against him to his highlight reel.

A few days ago while pitching in Double-A, Torres threw a fastball up and somewhat in to some poor, unsuspecting hitter who sold out in trying to turn on the pitch. The result was absolutely priceless.

Astros relief prospect Alejandro Torres got himself a nice highlight in Double-A

The victim in this case was Diamondbacks prospect Jesus Valdez, who was already having a pretty tough year before this brutal swing. No word yet as to how much his teammates made fun of him for swinging out of his shoes and stumbling out of the camera frame for strike three.

This is also a situation that shows how quickly the tides can turn for a guy. The score was 14-2 when Torres got the strikeout that he is probably going to play on a loop for the rest of his career and was the second out of the inning. However, what isn't shown is the grand slam that he gave up to the next batter, which is probably for the best.

Still, you have to commend Torres for making a great pitch in a big situation and Valdez for eventually picking himself off the ground and accepting what had just been done to him in front of everyone. Torres may not amount to much as a prospect as his minor league numbers are pretty "meh" thus far, but he will always have that moment to hang his hat on and show his family for years to come.

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