Astros Spring Training: Three Pitching Prospects to Keep an Eye On

Houston Astros Photo Day
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Jayden Murray

Murray may have seemed like a throw-in when Houston landed Trey Mancini at the 2022 trade deadline, but he is far from it.

In three minor league seasons, Murray has a career 2.80 ERA. IN his 51 career starts, he has a WHIP of 0.97. His 2021 season was especially eye-opening, leading the minor leagues in WHIP (0.71) and opponent batting average (.150).

The former 23rd rounder entered 2022 as the Rays #30 prospect according to Baseball America, and was named Houston's #18 in season in 2022. He possesses elite command of the strike zone and the high spin rates that Houston has become famous for. That the Astros were able to land him for a fringe roster candidate like Jose Siri is astounding.

Now, Murray was a 23rd round pick and the Rays, like Houston, are known for turning everyday arms into dominant ones. That they would part with one that possesses Murray's stats could mean expectations for Murray should be tempered. But he's well worth watching through the spring. Don't be surprised if Murray becomes the next great Astros arm that seemingly came from out of nowhere.