Astros Rumors: Enough Already; Stop Linking the Houston Astros to Trevor Bauer

San Francisco Giants v Los Angeles Dodgers
San Francisco Giants v Los Angeles Dodgers / Meg Oliphant/GettyImages

The Astros are not signing Trevor Bauer

Over the past couple of years, the Astros have become the most villainous team in the MLB. Winning does that. Opposing fanbases cling to the events of 2017 as if MLB player after MLB player has not come out and said the Astros were not alone in their cheating. If that many players from other clubhouses have come out and said the Astros weren't alone, logic says they weren't alone.

But society is lacking in logic these days. Clearly. Just ask Jomboy. Themselves much to blame for the vitriol thrown at the Astros, and in particular Jose Altuve.

Just yesterday, the Dodgers did what they should have done ages ago, parting ways with Trevor Bauer. Bad blood between Houston and LA aside, the Dodgers should be commended for taking the salary hit and punting on a talented pitcher rather than continuing to employ the subject of the longest domestic violence suspension in league history.

After an arbitrator cut Bauer's suspension in half, he is now free to sign and eligible to play on Opening Day.

According to Trevor Plouffe of Jomboy, himself a former big leaguer, he thinks the Astros will make a push at Bauer.

Jomboy isn't alone, as Bauer to Houston as gotten traction across the web. Again I ask, do we have no logic and sense left in society?

Yes, the Astros traded for Roberto Osuna in 2018. That was under the previous, win-at-all-cost regime and brought both immense pushback from fans and more headaches/public relations nightmares than one can begin to count.

Under the new regime, he was not brought back and the Astros have built a locker room of high character players. Needless to say, Trevor Bauer does not fit this criteria.

But let's set reality aside for a minute. Let's say the Astros did function as a New England Patriots of sorts, believing in their system so much, they brought in any and all talented, but available, players with much baggage trailing behind them.

Have we forgotten Bauer and the Astros hate each other? Their beef goes back for years. Do we really think this guy belongs in the Astros' clubhouse?

I get it. Today is all about getting a click. The more views, the more your audience grows. Controversy attracts eyes. But guys, let's try to use our brains.

The Astros have sustained dominance not because of cheating, not because of buying top talent, not because of no moral compass, and not because of throwing caution to the wind, but because of their culture and clubhouse dynamic. It's impenetrable. Us vs. the world. H-Town vs. everyone.

Trevor Bauer is everyone. He's not joining this team.

For the record, I hope the clown never throws another pitch.

But he will. Some team will sign him. Some team desparate to try and become a contender. Some team trying to rise to the level of the Astros.

Notice that--rise to the level of the Astros. The Astros are above this. They're above the spineless being that is Trevor Bauer and they're above the other 29 teams attempting to play catch-up that may consider signing the disgraced pitcher (28 assuming LA doesn't bring him back for pennies on the dollar).

Get your clicks Jomboy. Houston will get their rings. Without Trevor Bauer.