Astros legends return to the mound with a team that no one saw coming

Savannah Bananas fans in Houston got a nice surprise with the team's special guests.

Championship Series - New York Yankees v Houston Astros - Game One
Championship Series - New York Yankees v Houston Astros - Game One / Carmen Mandato/GettyImages

Houston Astros fans got a treat when the Savannah Bananas came to town last weekend. The Bananas are basically the Globetrotters of baseball and mostly travel to minor league stadiums.

From players pitching on stilts to snagging volunteers from the stands to surprising legends making cameo appearances, the Bananas are just great fun. Starting with this stop at Minute Maid Park, the Bananas are going to be visiting a handful big league parks as well over the next year and those tickets have quickly become the hottest in town.

Normally, the Bananas would just be a fun novelty, but Houston fans were in for a treat as not only were the zany Bananas in action, but Astros legends Roger Clemens and Roy Oswalt appeared in the game.

Former Astros Roger Clemens and Roy Oswalt make cameo appearances with Savannah Bananas

Cameos by famous people with the Bananas aren't new. John Cena made his Bananas debut this past February while numerous former players have dipped their toes into Banana Ball. However, it was still a welcome surprise to see two of the best players to ever wear an Astros uniform take part in the fun in front of the sellout crowd.

Clemens, who played three seasons in Houston towards the end of his career (including winning a Cy Young in 2004), got knocked around a bit, but still looked like he could sling a baseball at the age of 61. As for Oswalt, he spent the first 9.5 seasons of his 13-year big-league career in Houston. He also struggled in his Bananas debut, but did record a strikeout.

In a lot of ways, Banana ball is one of the purest forms of sport. There is no pretense for trying to level the competitive field, or even trying to adhere to any rules. It's all about having fun and enjoying a night out at the park where you will cheer, boo, and laugh until your side hurts. In the hyper-competitive world of professional sports, we do sometimes forget that games are for our entertainment and to bring joy.

For one night in Houston, the Bananas got some help from a pair of the best pitchers in Astros' history to remind us all of just that.

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