Astros fans get shafted yet again by ALDS Game 4 and 5 start times

The Astros deserve better game time slots and the MLB execs know it
Houston Astros Workout
Houston Astros Workout / Carmen Mandato/GettyImages

The Houston Astros and their fans are getting the shaft from Major League Baseball. The game times were announced today for the “if necessary” games and they are not great. Despite being reigning world champions, the Astros seem to be last on the priority list for MLB brass and fans are already reacting to the disrespect.  

Astros/Twins ALDS Game 4 and 5 Start Times

The league announced yesterday that Game 4 starts at 1:07 pm central time if it is needed and Game 5 starts at 3:07 pm central time if necessary.

Both of those games will be on FS1 as is most all the games in the series. The Astros only have one prime time game and the National League teams are getting the majority of the big times. Astros fans on both Wednesday and Friday, if necessary of course, will have to leave work early or not go at all to get ready for the last two games.   

You with think that with the loaded Astros roster of superstars along with the great story of Correa’s return to Houston they would have at least two late games. The biggest impact to fans is that all the home games in Houston likely will result in an impact to their work days. Game 5 would start at 4:07 and fans would likely have to leave work at lunch to make it to the game. Fans will mind leaving to watch the Astros at the ballpark, but leaving work early to watch it on TV will be the hard part. The Astros will just have to play their game and give Astros fans that "get off work early slip" to watch the game.

Either way fans are getting excited for the return of the postseason and for the chance to defend their crown. Most importantly of all for fans, games 1 and 2 will have the roof closed in Houston so the noise will be amazing. Let’s get pumped H-Town and bring the noise to show love for our team! 

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