Astros GM’s comments add even more confusion to their Jose Abreu situation

The Astros' plans for Jose Abreu (and others on the roster) keep getting more convoluted.
Toronto Blue Jays v Houston Astros
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The Houston Astros have a bit of a roster mess on their hands right now even though the results on the field have been better lately. Chas McCormick returning from the IL was largley good news, but called Joey Loperfido's immediate future into question. Making things even more murky is the fact that the Astros are bringing back Jose Abreu very, very soon.

The end result is a messy situation where filling out the lineup card each day is getting more and more difficult. Does Espada try to field the best lineup possible or does he give struggling guys more playing time to get going? How short of a leash does the team need to have on some players? Will Loperfido even be on the roster for much longer? Again, it's getting very dicey in Houston.

Many assumed that Abreu would take back over at first base with Jon Singleton either getting sent off the roster or resuming his role as a part-time player. However, Astros general manager Dana Brown threw a wrench in that narrative when he declared Singleton the club's first baseman this week.

Dana Brown's comments may not bode well for Jose Abreu and Joey Loperfido

While Singleton has been passable with Abreu down in the minors, it is still pretty strange to get such a strong statement of support from Brown on Singleton of all guys. Singleton's .221/.326/.372 line doesn't exactly scream "play me every day" especially at such an offensively demanding position at first base, but here we are.

For Abreu, that may mean that he at least won't be playing all that much upon is return to the big leagues. Keeping him out of the field has some merit given his health issues and age, but one wonders why Houston is hurrying him back only to get DH reps and a few 1B starts here and there.

Unless something changes, this also feels like this could be the end of the line for Joey Loperfido's first stint in the big leagues for the Astros. Loperfido has played well and could honestly be the team's best option at first base unless he has had difficulties learning the position that the public is unaware of. But Houston's steadfast devotion to McCormick, Singleton, and Abreu does certainly make it seem like Loperfido will be the odd man out and sent back to the minors to get regular plate appearances again after seeing his playing time dwindle of late.

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