Astros: As the ALCS winds down, when does the World Series start?

There is still the matter of the ALCS to finish up, but here is an early look at when the World Series is scheduled to start.
Championship Series - Houston Astros v Texas Rangers - Game Three
Championship Series - Houston Astros v Texas Rangers - Game Three / Carmen Mandato/GettyImages

Thanks to a thrilling come-from-behind victory in Game Five after narrowly avoiding a brawl with the Rangers, the Houston Astros are one win away from securing yet another World Series appearance. Getting there is not a sure thing as Texas has played the Astros tough and they won both games played in Houston earlier in the series, but the Astros have to be feeling good knowing that they only have to win one of the next two games to advance.

With the Fall Classic just around the corner whether or not the Astros make it, here are the basics regarding the 2023 World Series and what to expect.

When does the World Series start?

Regardless of the outcome of the two league championship series, MLB's postseason schedule is already set in stone. There are no LCS games scheduled at all past Tuesday, October 24th and Game One of the World Series is set to begin on October 27th, 2023. The off days during the World Series as expected are scheduled for in-between Games 2 and 3 as well as Games 5 and 6 (if necessary).

There aren't game start times set just yet, although fans can fully expect the World Series to be in a prime evening time slot to maximize the number of eyeballs watching. What is known is who will be broadcasting the games as Fox holds the rights to the World Series this year.

How many games are in the World Series?

This is an easy one as the World Series, like the two league championship series, is a best of seven series with the first team to four wins winning the series. There is a strong likelihood that the series will go more than four games since there have only been two sweeps since 2006, but it is possible that things could be wrapped up in four games.

This format has been in place for quite a while, although baseball did play with a strange best of nine format early on, but that format hasn't been used since 1921 when the New York Giants won the series 5-3.

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