Anonymous Member of 2018 Red Sox Says What We All Know: The Dodgers Are Cheaters

Houston Astros v Los Angeles Dodgers
Houston Astros v Los Angeles Dodgers / Kevork Djansezian/GettyImages

Anonymous member of Red Sox calls the Dodgers the "biggest cheaters"

Unless you've been living under a rock, you know the Astros have been booed mercilessly any road game (with fans in attendance) since the conclusion of the 2019 season. The Astros were involved in a sign-stealing system in 2017 and 2018. If you ask fans outside of Houston, the Astros are the new evil empire, engaged in something so egregious their title should have been vacated.

If you are an Astros fan, or happen to have more than two brain cells in your skull, you realize they were scapegoated by the MLB, and were only uncovered because a former member of their team in Mike Fiers went on the record about their trash can banging. The cheating in baseball far transcended just Houston.

An anonymous member of the 2018 Boston Red Sox, who themselves were caught cheating after a World Series title, has confirmed what we already know.

"The Dodgers have always been the thing that bothers me most. Because they're the biggest cheaters in the whole (expletive) industry...they were doing it against us in the '18 World Series. They got caught by Major League Baseball and Major League Baseball did nothing."

Anonymous member of the Red Sox

Well, well, well, what have we here? You may recall what Cody Bellinger said after the Astros scandal was uncovered.

"Those guys were cheating for three years. I think what people don't realize is [José] Altuve stole an MVP from [Aaron] Judge in '17. Everyone knows they stole the ring from us. But it's over."

Cody Bellinger

That's an interesting take you have Cody. Let's take a look at your numbers before and after the MLB cracked down on sign stealing.

Over the first four years of Bellinger's career, Cody slashed .273/.364/.547, good for a .911 OPS. The 1B/OF slugged 123 home runs and drove in 318, all while swiping 45 bags. Since the crackdown, Bellinger is a .193 hitter with a .611 OPS. It's almost like Josh Reddick, himself a former Dodger, was onto something when he confirmed the Dodgers are cheaters too.

As time goes on and more players like Lucas Giolito and Joey Votto go on the record that the Astros were far from the only team cheating, it will become even more clear that Houston was a cover-up for an at-large issue in the MLB.

Now, unless this Red Sox member decides to go on the record as Fiers did, this story likely goes nowhere. It will take another rat to expose this cheating. That said, everybody in Houston knows the truth. They're the best franchise in the game.

Enjoy your Mickey Mouse ring LA. And maybe take a look in the mirror before you boo next time the Astros roll through town. Either way, they'll roll you again.