Analyzing The Three Key Priorities For Dana Brown as Astros General Manager

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Jeff Bagwell
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3) Establish control of the room

Brown is as highly regarded as they come. Braves GM Alex Anthopolous raved about Brown and his success in the draft and in free agency. He is more than ready to do this job.

So he needs to be assertive and do the job as he can. Part of what prevented James Click from being fully embraced in Houston was his passivity when Crane wanted to go all-in. Brown doesn't need to change what has been a successful system, but he needs to put his foot down that he is running the show. Not Jeff Bagwell.

Brown said at his press conference he wants to get "greedy about winning." He inherits a big league roster and owner that will allow that to happen. His draft pedigree mean he'll likely have no issues rebuilding the slightly bare cupboard in the Astros farm system. Everything is there for the Astros to in fact be greedy about winnings.

This was absolutely the right hire by Jim Crane. Now Brown just needs to be enabled to do what he does best and build a dominant roster both now and for the future. We can't wait to see what he has in store.