Analyzing The Three Key Priorities For Dana Brown as Astros General Manager

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Alex Bregman
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2) Lock up Bregman and Altuve

Dana Brown simply can't let the faces of the franchise go. Both are free agents after the 2024 season. Altuve and Bregman have been staples of the golden era. As others have come and gone, they've been consistent.

When players faced the media after the events of 2017, it was Bregman and Altuve that took the mic in spring training 2020. Altuve has an MVP and Bregman has multiple top-five finishes. They're two of the best playoff performers in the history of the MLB. They're beloved by the fans.

The Astros golden era simply doesn't happen without these two. Some of the free agency losses stung (Correa and Verlander), but were understandable. It would be unjustifiable to let either of these two go without an heir apparent in waiting.

Both should be Astros for life. As they age, they can turn face of the franchise status over to Yordan and King Tuck. Brown must get both of these players extended beyond 2024.