5 trade targets for the Astros this off-season

The Astros don't have a terribly deep farm system, but they do have enough to land an upgrade this off-season. Here are five trade targets for the Astros.
Division Series - Baltimore Orioles v Texas Rangers - Game Three
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#5 Alex Verdugo

Alex Verdugo is a piece we've said Houston should trade for for quite a while now. The Astros were linked to Verdugo at the deadline, and this offseason could be the time we finally see them make the move.

October showed that Jake Meyers has fallen to a distant third in the Astros center field battle. Catastrophe would have to strike to see Meyers cut into the McCormick/Dubón timeshare. But there is still room for an athletic center fielder that plays elite defense like Meyers. Could Houston package two controllable, blocked pieces like Meyers and Julks for a rental like Verdugo?

He'd balance the lineup as a lefty, though his struggles against lefties means he'd likely be out of the lineup on days a southpaw toes the rubber.

Verdugo brings elite defense in both left field and right field, and would give the Astros quite an outfield combination with Alvarez, McCormick and Tucker.

He'd be a one-year rental as the Astros look to get back on top of the baseball world, and he just may be worth the price.