5 trade targets for the Astros this off-season

The Astros don't have a terribly deep farm system, but they do have enough to land an upgrade this off-season. Here are five trade targets for the Astros.
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#4 Aaron Bummer

Aaron Bummer would be one of the Astros reclamation projects of old. Fresh off of a complete nightmare season in 2023, Bummer needs a reset. From 2017-2022, Bummer stockpiled a 3.03 ERA and 145 ERA+ with a 3.32 FIP. He then imploded in 2023, recording a 6.79 ERA and 66 ERA+.

Under the hood, there's still quite a lot to like about Bummer. His xERA of 3.53 and FIP of 3.58 indicate he was wildly unlucky last season, and not just because he was playing for the White Sox. Bummer finished in the 99th percentile in barrel rate, 97th percentile in ground ball rate, and 87th percentile in both whiff and strikeout rate.

He's due $5.5 million this season, with club options for $7 million plus in 2024 and 2025.

The White Sox don't have a lot of leverage for a reliever coming off of a 6.79 ERA season receiving $5.5 million. This is a trade the Astros could easily meet the price tag for, and one that would make a big difference in their bullpen.