5 prospects the Astros need to consider using as trade bait this offseason

The Houston Astros are in the middle of a postseason run, but it is never too early to start thinking about their offseason plans.
Hooks' Spencer Arrighetti pitches during a homestand against the Sod Poodles at Whataburger Field on
Hooks' Spencer Arrighetti pitches during a homestand against the Sod Poodles at Whataburger Field on / Angela Piazza/Caller-Times / USA TODAY
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Michael Knorr

When it comes to pitching prospects moved in trades, they generally fall into one of two camps. Either they are in the high levels of the minor leagues and can contribute in the big leagues quickly even if they don't have high ceilings OR they are guys that are further away that have higher ceilings, but come with some risk. For teams looking for the lottery ticket type, Michael Knorr could be very appealing.

In 58.1 innings this season, Knorr struck out 78 batters thanks to a significant jump in his fastball velocity as a pro paired with a plus changeup. However, he got hurt in July and depending on how his recovery is going, he now comes with some added risk in addition to being a guy that hasn't pitched above high-A. If Houston finds a team that believes in the strikeout numbers and thinks they can continue to develop his breaking stuff, they should jump at the chance to turn him into major league level help.

Kenedy Corona

With there being a renewed emphasis on guys that have the ability to run and take extra bases, players like Kenedy Corona have more value than they did a year or so ago. However, Corona's value isn't only in his legs and he could be a really valuable trade asset for the Astros this offseason.

While Corona's hit tool and swing and miss concerns leave something to be desired, he has some real pop with 41 homers total the last two seasons in addition to being able to really run. A strong outfield defender as well, Corona could really appeal to an analytics-forward team that could play matchups and move him around the outfield.

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