5 crazy trade targets for the Astros that would blow our minds

We know the usual names that are going to be available on the trade market this year, but what about the names that the Astros could add that out of nowhere.
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Bobby Witt Jr.

No one is predicting that Bobby Witt Jr. may be available at the deadline and it is understandable why. The Royals are truly terrible, sure, but Witt Jr. is supposed to be apart of the wave of young talent that would finally return the Royals to glory after all of those high draft picks of theirs.

However, go ahead and take a quick look at the Royals' farm system rankings. Do you see any help coming anytime soon that could alter the course of the franchise? Nope, us either. Asa Lacy was one of those high picks and he has barely thrown as a pro because of injuries. The Royals picked Frank Mozzicato in the top 10 of another draft in a cute attempt to spread bonus pool money around, but with little show for that little gambit.

The Royals look like they could be bad for a long, long time at this rate and Witt Jr. is one of the most talented players in the league to be sure. However, he isn't good enough to single-handedly carry the team to a .500 record, let alone contention.

This is where the Astros could come in. The roster fit isn't perfect at this moment, but with Witt Jr. not even being arbitration eligible yet, Houston could make room for him easily enough by including Jeremy Peña in a deal along with the quantity of talent that Kansas City needs to get going.

As an added bonus for Houston, they would not only be getting a dynamic, talented player in Witt Jr. that can contribute in multiple ways...but they would be getting one from Texas which would be certain to get the local fans excited.