5 crazy trade targets for the Astros that would blow our minds

We know the usual names that are going to be available on the trade market this year, but what about the names that the Astros could add that out of nowhere.
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The Houston Astros have some work to do at the trade deadline this year. They are keeping pace with the division-leading Texas Rangers, but this is a roster that needs some help. General manager Dana Brown already went on the record saying that the team is looking to add a starting pitcher and that was before Framber Valdez was dinged up with a calf issue.

Previously, Brown also mentioned that Houston was look to at a bat at the deadline as well. Again, that makes a ton of sense as the Astros' power production has taken a dip this season especially with Yordan Alvarez on the shelf with an oblique injury ($).

Sure, we could look at the rental starting pitchers that are likely to be on the market like Lucas Giolito, Jordan Montgomery, or Eduardo Rodriguez. We could also look at the thin outfield market at guys like Adam Duvall and any number of Cardinals players. However, what if the Astros decided to swing big and go after some big names that we didn't even think COULD be available?

Here are 5 crazy trade targets for the Houston Astros that would blow our minds

To be clear, most of these players are not even likely to be dealt and in some cases, it is very dubious that the Astros would even have the trade capital to acquire them. Most of these guys have a lot of team control attached to them and/or are on teams that, at least on paper, are contenders in 2023. In one case, the biggest problem is that the player in question is on a division rival which makes any trade with his team difficult to say the least.

Lets take a look at some wild trade ideas for the Houston Astros at this year's deadline.