5 best trade chips the Astros have going into the trade deadline

The trade deadline is coming up fast. Here are the best trade chips the Houston Astros have to offer to get deals done.
Houston Astros v Los Angeles Angels
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The 2023 trade deadline is around a week away and the Houston Astros have positioned themselves as clear buyers. Houston has kept pace with the Rangers for the most part to start the second half, but they are going to need some help at the deadline to stay in the playoff hunt both in the AL West as well as the wild card race.

With all of the injuries in the Astros' rotation this season, starting pitching is a pretty clear need at the moment. Adding another power bat would be lovely plus every contending team could use some more bullpen depth. That isn't an insignificant shopping list at the deadline and that means Houston is going to have to be willing to pony up to have a chance at getting everything they need.

Here are 5 of the Astros' best trade chips at the trade deadline

Picking who to keep and who to trade is never easy, but the reality is that the Astros are going to have to give up some talent to get some in return. However, just because a player is on this list doesn't mean that they are completely expendable. Some players are higher end prospects that really should only be moved for top end talent that preferably comes with at least some team control.

Others are a bit more expendable that could be the center of trades for significant rentals. Before anyone gets too up in arms, it is highly unlikely that Houston will be able to make enough moves of note to actually end up losing all of these guys. These are just some of the Astros' best options to make deals work without causing too many other problems with their current roster.

Lets take a look at the Astros' best trade chips (within reason) they have available at the trade deadline.